Wake up, sleepy head. It is the morning of another day and you are wondering about breakfast and rushing off to work, but research shows that you may want to allot some time for exercising before you leave the house. Boxing Scene.com writes that 90 percent of those who exercises on a regular basis do so in the mornings. Why would not they? The sun is bright, the air is crisp, and you get some lovely endorphins and adrenaline dosages through exercising in the mornings.

ibreakBut, aside from that, it is said to help increase your metabolism and keeps it high for up to twenty-four hours. Bam! You have just started burning more calories just by exercising in the morning. “Not only does morning exercise help you burn calories during the actual workout, but its effects linger after you’re finished. It’s called EPOC – excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – and it’s a fancy way of saying you burn extra calories even after your workout’s over,” Life Script.com writes. Okay,what other benefits are there? Well, there is also the benefit of being in an elated mood for the rest of the day.  Most people who exercise note that they feel happier afterwards, so your days are better spent.

Exercising in the mornings, as the cusomized fat loss program shares, is very beneficial in avoiding illness: “Exercising in the morning, before eating, the study results show, seems to significantly lessen the ill effects of holiday Bacchanalias.”

Not only does it decrease the chances of illnesses, it also has a physiological preparedness that your body develops after a while. Boxing Scene.com shares, “If you exercise at about the same time every morning, and ideally wake-up at about the same time on a regular basis, your body's endocrine system and circadian rhythms adjust to that. Physiologically, some wonderful things begin to happen; A couple of hours *before* you awaken, your body begins to prepare for waking and exercise because it "knows" it's about to happen.”

So, you wake up energized and your body is prepared to work out. You also are in a better mood. You are getting shape and you are energized, after all, “If you wait until late evening to exercise, the energy boost you get affects your sleep. this is why many people find it difficult to fall asleep after an evening or nighttime workout,” Shelley Frost writes on Livestrong.org. She also explains that there are fewer scheduling conflicts when exercising in the morning. You do not have to cram in an exercise session if you have done that first thing in the morning. How cool is that!

Not only that, but you will be energized enough to not need that cup of coffee or that soda that is just terrible for your health. Besides, exercising early in the morning sets the tone for the whole day. You are starting out by taking care of yourself and so it definitely puts you in a more conscious position as a person, as a consumer, as an eater, as a worker. You may end up choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, choose the whole grain bagel instead of that donut, or choose to eat some fruits as a snack instead of the Swedish fish candy staring at you. All these choices are conscious routes that we take, that we are more likely to take, if we start our day off with a good workout.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be a deathly, scary, fatal workout. You can do some yoga, you can dance, you can do some Pilates, and it still counts as a workout.